LeVar Burton Challenges Kanye West To A Twitter Feud In 'Tweeting Rainbow'

Childhood classic gets a 2014 makeover on 'Jimmy Kimmel.'

With a Kickstarter campaign that succeeded in raising more than $5 million toward a “Reading Rainbow” app, what’s next for LeVar Burton in advancing the literacy of today’s youth? "Tweeting Rainbow," of course.

On Thursday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Burton teaches children everything they need to know about everyone’s third favorite social media platform. The parody has everything you love about "Reading Rainbow," but with an updated theme song and popular hashtags (#TBT, #YOLO) flashing behind Burton. Instead of reading a childhood classic, Burton scrolls his phone, reading celebrity tweets to children.

"Put ya face in the mayo,” he warmly reads Snoop Dogg’s tweet and starts a discussion about why anyone would want to do that. “So you can go blind?” one kid wonders.

The art of the favorite, retweet, and using 140 characters to share how you’re feeling are all explored, and they even go on a “Video Field Trip” to see how a tweet is made. One kid even garners a “favorite” from Burton with his suggestion that nap time should last forever.

“But you don’t have to take my word for it”, watch below:

Burton ends with a promise to start a Twitter fued with @KanyeWest. #Blessed.

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