The Rebooted Films You'll Love All Over Again In 2009

The latest 'Star Trek' incarnation, Jason Voorhees' next 'Friday the 13th' killing spree and more reimaginings.

You know them, you love them -- and, hopefully, you'll love them again.

Hollywood has long enjoyed remaking, reimagining and re-envisioning itself, and 2009 won't be any different. Whether you remember the source material for this year's films or have never even heard the names before, these are some of the biggest flicks of the year -- and now, to finish off MTV News' coverage of the upcoming year's top cinematic choices, we present the Top 10 Reimaginings of 2009.

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10. [movie id="412062"]"Sorority Row"[/movie]

"Hills" star Audrina Patridge heads the cast of beautiful young lambs being led to slaughter in this remake of a horror cult classic. If you've been in a sorority, you'll definitely want to see it come October 2. If you hate sororities, you'll love it all the more as the sisters get picked off one by one.

9. [movie id="338084"]"The Wolf Man"[/movie]

Benicio Del Toro is intimidating, a bit hairy and often seems to be in touch with some sort of inner-animal. If he weren't born to play Hollywood's hirsute classic creature, then who was? Look for a good spook story when this "Wolf" comes howling in November.

8. [movie id="367658"]"The Taking of Pelham 123"[/movie]

The original film is one of the most underrated flicks of the '70s -- the type of forgotten classic that Hollywood should be remaking. Now, Denzel Washington is getting past "The Manchurian Candidate" and bringing John Travolta, Luis Guzmán and others along to tell this tale of a subway, an unlikely hero and a heist gone awry.

7. [movie id="369697"]"Land of the Lost"[/movie]

Ever since we first heard that Will Ferrell was going to the land of dinosaurs, Sleestaks and Styrofoam boulders, we've been keeping an eye on this flick that hopes to mix action and adventure with Ferrell's trademark ability to act like an ass. Come June 5, we'll all want to get "Lost."

6. [movie id="356080"]"A Christmas Carol"[/movie]

Always on the cutting edge of special effects and family friendly fare, Robert Zemeckis ("The Polar Express") hopes to once again reign supreme next holiday season. He has Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Bob Hoskins along for the ride, as they adapt the classic Dickens tale for a new generation. God bless us, everyone.

5. [movie id="341168"]"Sherlock Holmes"[/movie]

Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams and Jude Law making a hit movie out of a classic cinematic sleuth? A hit seems elementary, my dear Watson.

4. [movie id="369154"]"Friday the 13th"[/movie]

Jason is back. Yeah, we know, he's been back nine times before -- and then there was that time he fought Freddy -- and with all the action figures and merchandising, it sometimes seems like the guy never goes away long enough to miss him. But this time, he's bigger, badder and produced by Michael Bay. [article id="1589255"]We've been to Camp Crystal Lake[/article], looked into the empty eyes of Hollywood's iconic madman and walked away convinced that this reboot will go back to Jason's roots and give us something special. And, oh yes, there will be blood -- a lot of blood.

3. [movie id="291128"]"Where the Wild Things Are"[/movie]

Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, combined with the impressive imagination of Spike Jonze -- if not for all the controversy surrounding the film's re-editing, this might have been #1 on our list. Still, we're holding out hope that the studio will remember that generations of kids have embraced dark material, from the Brothers Grimm to "Bambi" to "The Dark Crystal," and that Jonze will be allowed to bring something close to his full vision to the screen. If not, well, there's always the inevitable "Director's Cut" DVD.

2. [movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie]

Much like [article id="1602097"]the "Terminator" series we discussed the other day[/article], it seems like "Trek" is at a similar crossroads. Most of the series stars are gone, replaced instead by slick special effects, a hot director and a script that hopes to reboot the franchise. His impressive track record would certainly seem to indicate that J.J. Abrams has what it takes to make us all love "Trek" again, and he's received mostly positive comments about the early footage he's shown to the press and fans. But much like "Terminator," a failed relaunch could bury the franchise for good. We're hoping Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and the other young stars will once again boldly take "Trek" fans where we haven't gone in too long a time, and on May 8, we'll finally see if the Enterprise will soar.

1. [movie id="404229"]"Inglourious Basterds"[/movie]

Sure, some Trekkies will undoubtedly raise an eyebrow over "Basterds" finishing ahead of their high-profile series relaunch, but let me ask them this: Has any director ever begun their career with as many instant classics as Quentin Tarantino? Toss out his co-directing stuff, and you're left with "Reservoir Dogs," "Pulp Fiction," "Jackie Brown" and the two halves of "Kill Bill." Now, one of Hollywood's greatest talents finally turns his gaze toward the film he's spent more than a decade trying to get just right. Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, Samuel L. Jackson, B.J. Novak and Cloris Leachman (!) will help tell the tale of Jewish-American soldiers striking back against the Nazis, and we're already anticipating that one-of-a-kind feeling next September of sitting down in a darkened theater, grabbing a large popcorn and watching a brand-new QT flick. In our minds, he's still the most glorious of basterds.

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