Janet Jackson Donates To AIDS Research

December 3 [12:00 EDT] -- Janet Jackson announced on Tuesday, the day after World AIDS Day, that a portion of the proceeds from her latest single "Together Again" will be donated to the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR). According to a statement from Jackson's camp, the song is "fast becoming an anthem for those suffering with AIDS, their families and friends.

Jackson says about her inspiration for the song, "I believe we have other lives... I don't believe in the finality of death. I wanted to write about friends who have died of AIDS without being mournful or sad." The singer adds, "I wanted to celebrate their spirit.

AmFar is the country's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to AIDS research, AIDS prevention, and AIDS advocacy, and has invested $140,000 in AIDS programs since 1985. For more on the organization, check out their website at

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