Ariana Grande Lets Her Hair Totally Down At 2014 EMA

There was no doubt that the 2014 EMA were going to deliver—I mean, Nicki Minaj is hosting—but we truly weren't expecting something this major before the show even kicked off. It's true, everyone: Ariana Grande wore her hair 100% down on the EMA red carpet.

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Ariana Grande

While we've seen Ariana's hair down before, this is the first red carpet in recent memory where her locks have been able to free. And, man, her overall look is A+. Looking at it head-on, Ari's dress seems to be all about the cutouts.

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Ariana Grande

BUT there's also a subtle sheer panel down the side of her skirt. Cutouts, sheer panels, and totally down hair?! AG, you're giving us so much with one appearance!

Unfortunately, it looks like Ariana couldn't wait to put her hair up after getting home.

Thanks for the memories, Ari. We'll cherish you and your loose EMA hair forever.

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