Ruby Rose And Nina Dobrev Are In The Middle Of A Major Prank War

Things have taken a 'creepy' turn on the set of their new movie

The upcoming action thriller xXx: The Return of Xander Cage looks to be one hell of an extreme ride (what else would you expect from a Vin Diesel flick?!), and it appears things are just as intense when the cameras stop rolling. At least, that’s what we can only assume based on the truly epic prank war unfolding between costars Ruby Rose and Nina Dobrev.

It all began last week, when Nina surprised Ruby by hiding in her trailer and then jumping out and screaming in her face. The former Vampire Diaries star filmed the sneak attack in slo-mo, catching Ruby spewing a storm of profanity.

“Going to have to wash your mouth out with Soap Missy,” Nina captioned the clip. “**Viewer Discretion is Advised** #ThoughtiWouldnt #ButiDid #ThatsOnYou #GotHer.”

Ruby later reposted the vid, writing, “When your friend is an asshole… Also obviously she edited me to say those awful things and OBVIOUSLY I HAVE AN INNER SUPER BOGAN I thought I left behind..”

Proving herself just as formidable a force to be reckoned with, Ruby wasted no time plotting her revenge. Rather than retaliate with a similar scare tactic, though, she upped the ante by plastering photos of herself on every surface of Nina’s trailer.

“@ninadobrev trailer... Wow.. This must be her head every night when she falls asleep. 😖😩👀🙈” Ruby captioned the vid, was was cheekily soundtracked by Radiohead’s “Creep.”

The Aussie actress also caught the moment when Nina walked in and discovered her Ruby-infested trailer, writing, “When you go to say hi to @ninadobrev but she has 100 photos in her trailer of you and it's awkward because you're trying to be professional.. #seekhelpnina #evillaughofastalker #wherestheshinetoo #ineedextrasecurity.”

Ruby definitely won that round, but she better watch out -- Nina is clearly thirsty for vengeance.

And to think... just a few weeks ago, these two were celebrating Easter together like a couple of bunny-eared BFFs. Oh, how things change so quickly.