Kanye West Explains How His Yeezy Season 2 Clothing Line Is Like Legos

Also, just promised to make the "Apple of apparel."

This morning (Oct. 6), Kanye West sat down for a long, in-depth interview with Lou Stoppard for SHOWstudio. During it, he talked about basically everything: music, his family, racism, his childhood, and of course, fashion. As with all other Kanye interviews, he made some bold statements.

Like when he said he was going to "make the Apple of apparel."

"It isn't high street. It isn't fast fashion. It isn't a $9,000 sweatshirt," he explained. "It's the thing that you want to keep for the rest of your life." Kind of like those Yeezy Boosts that sold out in 12 minutes.

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Kanye West Yeezy Season 2 - Runway

While Kanye's clothing line is slightly inaccessible due to demand, it's also inaccessible due to its price point -- something Kanye explains is out of his control.

"I'm not H&M. I don't have giant factories. How can I get the price point to where I need it to be if I'm bringing an eight-person design team," he said. "It's gonna take time to get there. This is what I'm sayin' when you don't have the right tools ... This is the question that everybody asks. It's like, if you had the Céline design team, the Nike design studio, and the Zara factory, could you do everything that you thought you could do? What would everyone's answer be to that? Yes."

But rest assured, when everyone can afford Kanye's clothing line, it will still be something that people will want to wear and are able to wear whenever and wherever they want.

"That's what I want to do, is present something that gives people some of their time back, because it works together like Legos. You just throw it on," he said. "And only I can do it. Only I care about it that much."

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