New Video: Phoenix, 'Entertainment'

Check out Phoenix's brand-new video for "Entertainment."

Phoenix reference Korean soaps in their latest video for "Entertainment."

We tend to associate French alt-rock outfit Phoenix with the kind of leather jackets only French dudes can pull off, melancholia, "Lost In Translation" ("Too Young" = most underrated indie pop song ever), and our various move-to-France-and-eat-baguettes-without-getting-fat fantasies. So, you could imagine our thrill when Phoenix finally announced plans to follow up 2009's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix with a brand-new album, Bankrupt!, in April. Till then, we're living out more cinematic dreams via their new video for the album's first single, "Entertainment."

Watch Phoenix's "Entertainment" video after the jump.

Speaking of "Lost In Translation," Phoenix are clearly still invested in exploring the world -- the Asian world, more specifically. Directed by Patrick Daughters, "Entertainment" is a mostly Korean montage/mashup starring a children's chorus, a no-nonsense businessman, and a pop singer. Phoenix also sprinkle in stock footage of North Korea's mass games, melodramatic Korean soaps, and action-adventure fight scenes (things get a little bloody towards the end, FYI). Intercut with Korean army/Socialist flag references, "Entertainment" is likely to flood comment sections with racial politics and intellectual deconstructions and discussions (again, speaking of "Lost In Translation"). Doesn't change the fact that we'd still drop everything to go backpacking with Phoenix. We'll bring our swords if you provide the hanbok.

Watch out for Phoenix's Bankrupt! when it drops on April 23.

+ Watch Phoenix's "Entertainment" video.

Photo credit: Glassnote Records

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