Chris Pratt Hits Back At Body Shamers In Most Chris Pratt Way Possible

Clever girl

For the past week, Chris Pratt's been Instagramming a new segment titled "What's My Snack?" Since he's got to be in good shape while filming Jurassic World 2, Pratt hilariously documents his random, somewhat bizarre snacks in between takes. He's done four so far (apparently, this is how you should eat an apple — who knew?).

But instead of posting a new entry on Thursday (March 23), Pratt posted a "selfie" meant to address an issue he'd been encountering from some "fans." "So many people have said I look too thin in my recent episodes of #WHATSMYSNACK," he wrote in the caption of a new post. "Some have gone as far as to say I look 'skeletal.' Well, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts." Here's that selfie.

"Totally JK guys. This is a T Rex skull," he wrote. "Nailed you so bad. Omg." It seems like Pratt's underlining how no one has the right to condemn how people look (or don't look), and that people's weight can be in flux or stationary, and that either way is fine. This much is clear: His Insta deserves a Clever Girl award.

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