'Steve Jobs' Cast Explains How Their Movie 'Reveals A Whole Other Side'

It's also, per Seth Rogen, quite sexy.

With reporting by Catherine Collins

If you were hoping to see the life and death of Apple CEO Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin's Michael Fassbender-led "Steve Jobs," you'll be sorely disappointed -- or totally pumped, since this version of Jobs' story takes things in a new and exciting direction.

"What I didn't want to do is write a biopic," Sorkin told MTV News at a press day ahead of the film's release. "I just found points of friction in Steve's life that I felt would be good at illustrating a little bit more of who he was, rather than the eureka invention.

"I did something fairly unconventional," he continued. "I wrote a movie that's just three scenes. Each of those scenes are in real time. Those three scenes all take place in the moments leading up to a product launch. They all take place backstage."

Boyle said that a lot of what we learn in the film is "about fathers and daughters" -- Jobs had a famously difficult relationship with his daughter Lisa -- which is something that he was "intensively moved by."

"I almost find myself describing it as an action movie with words," Kate Winslet, who plays Jobs' former co-worker Joanna Hoffman, added. "We have so much access to this man, this brilliant man, who we think we know lots about, but actually, it reveals a whole other side of him."

... And if the "action movie with words," father-daughter relationship, and Sorkin script weren't enough to get you hooked, there's always the film's star, Fassbender, who should woo cinematic audiences with his "sexy" take on Steve Jobs.

"He's quite a sexy Steve Jobs," Seth Rogen, who plays Steve Wozniak, said with his signature laugh. "Not to say the real Steve Jobs wasn't sexy."

"Steve Jobs" will hit New York and Los Angeles theaters in limited release on October 9, and national release on October 23.