Even Scientific Polls Prove That America Loves Beyonce

She's our third favorite musician. Ever. It's science!

Yes, MTV has kind of morphed into a version of after she absolutely stunned us during her VMA performance and we're all pretty much okay with that. More like BMAs—Beyonce Music Awards, right?? BRB, planning those.

In the meantime, in case you needed any more proof that Bey is America's favorite, perfect idol, we've now got the science and math behind polling to back it up!

That's right, in the newly released data from The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,036 Americans between July 16 and 21 of this year, the data shows that Beyonce is the third on the list as America's Favorite Musician.

Who beat her? The Beatles were at the number one spot and Elvis was number two. I'd say King B is pretty good company.

Hey, we can't argue with science. Looks like feminist is the new black.

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