'Dark Knight Rises': What's The Future Of John Blake?

After Christopher Nolan's trilogy, an all-new adventure starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham's finest doesn't seem likely.

Warning: spoilers for "The Dark Knight Rises" lie below.

You wanted Robin? You got Robin. Despite years of insisting the character would never appear in his "Dark Knight" trilogy, Christopher Nolan finally gave the fans the Batman sidekick they always longed for — but in true Nolan fashion, it wasn't the version they were expecting.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in "The Dark Knight Rises" not as Dick Grayson, not as Tim Drake, not even as Jason Todd — he's Robin John Blake, one of Gotham City's finest police officers and, eventually, the heir apparent to the Batman. "Rises" concludes with Blake finding the Batcave and ascending towards his presumed destiny as the city's new Caped Crusader. It's an ambiguous enough ending that's filled with possibilities, but will any of those possibilities ever be explored on film?

Survey says... not very likely.

By now, you've already heard that Nolan is done with all things Batman. After three films, the visionary director's days in Gotham City are over for good. But [article id="1690395"]what about Gordon-Levitt[/article]? Would the up-and-coming actor be interested in taking Blake's story to the next logical step — a full-blown feature film starring himself as the new Dark Knight?

"That's not for me to say," the actor told MTV News during a recent interview. "I think if you see the movie, it's very clear, it's conclusive and it's a great ending. It's not one of those movies that's just like, 'Well, we didn't quite know how to end it.' 'Cause those happen. They call it a trilogy, but it's not really a trilogy. It's just another movie to make more money. This is a trilogy, and this is the end of it."

In Gordon-Levitt's eyes, then, the on-screen adventures of Robin Blake are at an end. That's not to say the story is complete, however. Through [article id="1678307"]"Before Watchmen,"[/article] DC Entertainment has already demonstrated a willingness to return to old stories previously thought untouchable. The publisher has also breathed new life into "Smallville," too, by taking the story off the small-screen and continuing it in the pages of the comics. Who's to say that DC won't do the same with the Nolanverse? The possibilities presented by Blake's new role in Gotham are virtually endless, and could easily be explored on the paneled page at some point in the future.

But as for seeing Gordon-Levitt's Robin-turned-Batman on the big screen again? We don't recommend holding your breath.

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