U2, 'NSYNC, Backstreet Top List Of 2001's Biggest Concert Grossers

U2's earnings eclipse those of competitors, as band played whopping 113 arena concerts worldwide.

When it came to the year-end concert-grossing chart, there was no way U2 were

gonna get left behind. The band's Elevation Tour ranked as the top money-

maker of 2001, bringing in $143 million, according to a report by Amusement


The band's earnings eclipsed those of its competitors, largely because U2

played a whopping 113 arena concerts across the globe.

'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys took the #2 and #3 slots on the list

with strikingly similar earnings — $90.2 million for 'NSYNC, $89.8 million

for Backstreet Boys. Interestingly, 'NSYNC played less than half the number

of gigs as Backstreet, but only booked stadiums.

As auspicious as such positioning might seem for other teen pop acts, the

rest of the top 10 spots were taken up by more adult-oriented acts. Madonna's

Drowned World Tour brought in $74 million worldwide from only 47 shows,

landing her at #4, and the Dave Matthews Band grossed $65 million, to finish in

fifth place.

In February, Billy Joel and Elton John will both be playing a RAC concert to

benefit artists' pocketbooks (see [article id="1451577"]"Ozzy, No Doubt, Korn, Weezer To Play Benefits For Musicians' Rights Group"[/article]), but neither was hurting for cash in 2001. Their 31-date Face to Face Tour brought in $58.9 million, cinching them the #6 spot.

If Eric Clapton makes good on his "no more tours" claims, at least he went

out with a bang, bringing in $43.5 million from the road from 59 shows around

the world. Janet Jackson's All for You arena tour brought in $40.6 million,

earning her a #6 spot on the list.

Rounding out the top 2001 concert-grossers were Aerosmith, who came in at #9

by bringing in $40 million on their Just Push Play tour despite numerous

concert cancellations, and AC/DC, whose Stiff Upper Lip tour took in $28.3


Top 10 Tours of 2001:

  • 1. U2 - $143 million ([article id="1450386"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1442205"]read report[/article])
  • 2. 'N Sync - $90.2 million ([article id="1449323"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1444021"]read report[/article])
  • 3. Backstreet Boys - $89.8 million ([article id="1448401"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1438424"]read report[/article])
  • 4. Madonna- $74 million ([article id="1445336"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1445328"]read report[/article])
  • 5. Dave Matthews Band - $65 million ([article id="1449329"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1443041"]read report[/article])
  • 6. Billy Joel & Elton John - $58.9 million ([article id="1438939"]read report[/article])
  • 7. Eric Clapton - $43.5 million ([article id="1427131"]read report[/article])
  • 8. Janet Jackson - $40.6 million ([article id="1445031"]see photos[/article] | [article id="1445013"]read report[/article])
  • 9. Aerosmith - $40 million ([article id="1444238"]read report[/article])
  • 10. AC/DC - $28.3 million ([article id="1442147"]read report[/article])
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