Emma Stone Is Enchanting In 'Magic In The Moonlight' Trailer

She's a spriritualist, he's a skeptic, what could possibly go wrong?

We all feel a certain connection to Emma Stone, that much is undeniable. In the trailer for Woody Allen's latest movie, "Magic In the Moonlight," however, it would appear that she has a connection to a world even beyond that of the living.

Colin Firth plays Stanley, an English performer who has a specialty in debunking magic tricks, being a practitioner of illusions himself. As a favor for a friend, he goes to scope out beautiful Sophie (Stone), a "visionary and a vision," who claims to be able to commune with spirits.

Once she floats a candle off a table at a seance, among other otherworldly acts, Stanley may not be quite so ready to call her out as a fraud. Oh, and the fact that he may or may not be a little into her doesn't help matters either. Oops.

Check out the trailer above and cast your vote. Emma Stone: Mythical, magical or both?

"Magic in the Moonlight" hits theaters July 25.

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