Lauv Wants His New Song 'Modern Loneliness' To Be A Catalyst For Love

'I'm so used to never being alone but feeling so alone,' he says

Back in January, Lauv told MTV News that he had recently gotten the phrase "Modern Loneliness" tattooed on his arm, in commemoration of a meaningful song on his upcoming debut album. On Thursday (February 20), he finally shared that track, which marks one of his most introspective and relatable releases yet.

"Modern loneliness / We're never alone but always depressed," Lauv sings over a finger-snapping beat. "Love my friends to death but I never call them, I never text." What begins as a simple piano ballad builds into an anthemic singalong, with a chorus of voices eventually joining Lauv to vent about feeling "alone together" — something that anyone who grew up with the internet can surely relate to. In the accompanying video, Lauv lays in a field of yellow flowers as he lets his innermost thoughts spill out. As the camera pans out, however, we see that he's surrounded by other people laying down, seemingly stuck in their own worlds and falsely believing that they, too, are isolated.

Speaking to MTV News a few weeks back, Lauv said of "Modern Loneliness, "It's this super, super meaningful song to me. ... I feel like these days, I'm so used to never being alone but feeling so alone. It's so easy to feel totally isolated even if there's people around you. I just think it's this condition that a lot of people in my generation feel."

He further shared in a press release, "This is my favorite song on the album and the most important song I feel I've ever made. There is a lot of loneliness out there. We all feel it. But there is also a lot of love waiting for us and I hope this song can be a catalyst for that."

"Modern Loneliness" is the final track on Lauv's upcoming debut album, ~how i'm feeling~. We've now heard about half of the album's 21 songs, including "I'm So Tired...," "Fuck, I'm Lonely," "Sims," "Mean It," "Drugs & the Internet," and "Tattoos Together." The album arrives in full on March 6.

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