Vince Vaughn Is Your Daddy In First Teaser For 'The Delivery Man'

It's every low-budget independent filmmaker's first thought after completing a movie doomed for film festival obscurity (or worse): Man, if only we could have remade that, but had like a billion more dollars and big time movie stars instead of whatever yahoos we cast in this thing. Well, dreams really do come true. At least if you're French-Canadian filmmaker Ken Scott, who got to remake his 2011 film "Starbuck" (itself a loose remake of a Hindi movie called "Vicky Donor") as "The Delivery Man," only this time bankrolled by DreamWorks and featuring a cast that includes Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt. Not too shabby, Ken Scott! The first teaser has dropped (courtesy of Fandango via The Film Stage) and while there isn't a whole lot of footage to go on, we still giggled. You heard us. Giggled.

The premise is set up in the first few moments of the trailer: many children have one thing in common: Vince Vaughn, King of the Schlubs, is their father. "You are the biological father of 533 children," some lawyer-type tells Vaughn. Apparently there was a mix up at the fertility clinic and the kids are now suing to learn his identity. Chris Pratt apparently plays Vaughn's attorney, who advises him to say that he has mental problems. And that's pretty much the whole teaser. Still: we giggled.

Apparently while all of the madness with the kids is going on, Vaughn's girlfriend (who we assume is Smulders), is trying to decide whether or not they should start a family. So, really, kookiness from all sides coming at this guy. It's been a while since Vaughn was truly, side-splittingly funny and we still have recurring nightmares about "The Dilemma" (why Ron Howard? Why?), but it looks like "The Delivery Man," besides being burdened with a truly awful title, could be pretty great.

"The Delivery Man" opens on November 22nd this year. Bring your favorite illegitimate child and get half-off the price of your ticket (we're bringing Jon Snow).