You Can Find 'Fantastic Beasts' Swimming In A Huge Pile Of Box Office Money

Turns out you don't need Harry for a huge opening weekend

A bunch of magical creatures running amok in New York makes for great entertainment, and it makes for an even better weekend at the movies if the American box office has anything to say about it.

The numbers are in, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them soared through its first weekend in theaters to the tune of a whopping $75 million in the United States. It struck a serious chord with Potter fans abroad as well, as the J.K. Rowling–penned Harry Potter prequel brought in over $143 million abroad, with Fantastic Beasts trouncing the openings of previous Potter flicks in South Korea and Russia, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That $75 million is nothing to sneeze at, though it's still second place to Marvel's Doctor Strange, which debuted at $80 million in early November and continues to rake in cash, holding strong to the No. 2 spot two weeks after its release.

Between Fantastic Beasts and Doctor Strange, one thing's for sure: People are looking for magic at the movies, and they're finding plenty of it between the action of Sorcerer Supreme and the mystical shenanigans of Newt Scamander.