Miami After Hours: Fat Joe And The Terror Squad Hunker Down In Jerusalem

Joe works on R. Kelly collabo track for upcoming album.

MIAMI -- Even though the nightspot known as Opium may be his favorite place to club, Fat Joe's top spot to hang out while in Miami is DJ Khaled's Jerusalem studio. It's the place where he says "the magic is at," and the place he chose to occupy until early Tuesday morning. Joe was working on his collaboration tracks with Scott Storch and R. Kelly for his new album Things of That Nature, while members of the Terror Squad played "NBA Live" on a hanging flat-screen TV.

Meanwhile, Monday night's VMA party MTV @ B.E.D. hosted the likes of Jamie Foxx and former MTV VJ Pauly Shore, who made it through the throngs of people outside to enjoy themselves in the sack. Inside, among the canopied beds/dining-room tables, resident DJ Radamus spun hip-hop while nightie-clad waitresses served drinks to the nocturnal crowd.


If you're coming to the MTV Video Music Awards and planning to party in Miami this week, be sure to slot enough time during the afternoon for rest. We're just a couple of days into VMA week, and the forecast is calling for after-hours shindigs all week long.

The past two nights (and mornings) have been all about the club called Opium. P. Diddy held court there during the early hours of Sunday morning, and Fat Joe and the Terror Squad got things jumping off at around 2 a.m. on Monday.

DJ Khaled was spinning everything from "Lean Back" to Lil Jon, but the star of the party was not a rapper. Jamie Foxx, who's proved that he can act, tell jokes and sing, put on a new hat at Opium: bartender. With comedienne Sommore and director John Singleton walking around at different parts of the club, Foxx danced on the bar, held a huge flashlight in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other. The ladies were literally throwing themselves at his feet as he poured drinks in their mouths straight from the bottle. He even took time to shine the spotlight -- er, flashlight -- on himself and sing "Slow Jamz" on the mic.

And the week has just begun ...

The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from Miami on Sunday, August 29, at 8 p.m. on MTV, with the "2004 VMA Pre-show by the Shore" kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

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