First Image Of 'Spider-Man 2' Nemesis Doctor Octopus Released

Image shows Doc Ock atop Manhattan rooftop on promotional poster touting July 2, 2004, release.

It looks like Spider-Man will have his hands full when he swings back into theaters next summer.

Sony has released the first image of Doctor Octopus, Spidey's nemesis in the upcoming "Spider-Man 2," revealing a figure whose robotic tentacles look to pack quite a bite. Capturing Doc Ock atop a Manhattan rooftop, tentacles twisting around him in a menacing fashion, the image is found on a promotional poster touting the film's July 2, 2004 release.

The villainous creation is the work of production designer Neil Spisak, costume designer James Acheson and special effects wiz John Dykstra. "It really is an interdepartmental challenge to bring this villain to life," director Sam Raimi told MTV News earlier this year.

Actor Alfred Molina ("Chocolat," "Boogie Nights") is the man behind (or more precisely, in front of) the tentacles, assuming the role of Doc Ock.

"[Alfred's] doing a fantastic job, really bringing this man to life, and I think it will be a great imposing villain that Peter Parker will have to face," Raimi said. "He's one of the favorite Spider-Man villains, at least one of my favorite villains."

Details about the sequel to 2002's "Spider-Man" remain hard to come by, but Raimi did reveal that Peter Parker is still struggling with young adulthood and his feelings for Mary Jane Watson while his wall-crawling alter ego does battle with Doc Ock. It's not yet known exactly how Spidey and Doc Ock will cross paths in the film.

In comic lore, Ock was born when a laboratory experiment fused a set of robotic arms onto the body of brilliant atomic scientist Otto Octavius. The swift and powerful arms give the timid scientist abilities he never dreamed of, and he promptly puts those abilities to the test, pursuing a life of crime.

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