So, Remember When Britney Spears + Natalie Portman Cohosted A 2002 New Year's Eve Party? (PHOTOS)

Remember that time Britney Spears and Natalie Portman co-hosted a New Year's Eve party?

Happy New Year, from Britney and Natalie!

While out at dinner last Saturday night, the group and I soon got on the topic of Britney Spears -- as one does -- and soon my boyfriend's brother was talking about his friend-of-a-friend who somehow got invited to Britney's 2002 New Year's Eve party that she cohosted with... Natalie Portman?!

Like, I totally believed him (I SWEAR), but I had to confirm for myself that the Princess of Pop and Queen Amidala threw a star-studded shindig together back in the day -- and OMFG THEY DID! This #tbt moment really happened!!!!

Check out more photos from Britney Spears and Natalie Portman's 2002 New Year's Eve party.

Yep, Britney and Natalie did indeed co-host a 2002 New Year's Eve party.

Aw, these 21-year-olds are adorable together!

To ring in 2003 right, Britney and Natalie invited about 40 good friends (and one well-acquainted paparazzo?) up to NYC's Hudson Hotel. As it was 2002, we imagine that the then-Harvard student showed off her super tiny Nokia phone, while the future "Work Bitch" singer shared her thoughts on the Ashton Kutcher-led trucker hat trend. Their NYE playlist obvs included Nelly's chart-topping 2002 hits like "Hot In Herre" and "Dilemma" with Kelly Rowland, which reminds us: 2002 WAS GREAT.

Britney and Natalie count down the New Year!

Hey ladies, how about you invite US next time?!

OMG, and when the clock struck midnight, how much do you wanna bet that Natalie cranked the Vanessa Carlton so that Brit could serenade the room with a heartfelt rendition of "A Thousand Miles"?!?! We're so certain, we're gonna wager our mint-condition Padmé Amidala "Attack Of The Clones" action figure still in its original plastic clamshell packaging. Your move.

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