'Vampire Diaries' Star Sara Canning Calls Nina Dobrev A 'Great Roommate' And Matt Davis A 'Total Goof'

She couldn't even decide on which fictional man she'd choose, instead opting for a fusion of several. "In reality, I definitely go for a guy who is driven and has a good soul, but is also funny and bold," Sara said. "And he’s gotta be able to keep me on my toes and challenge me. Doesn’t that sound like a mixture of Matt, Stefan, and Damon?"

On the show, Sara's character, Jenna, is dating history teacher Alaric, played by Matt Davis, whom Sara said she gets along with well. "Matt’s so fun to work with," she said, "a total goof with a big heart. We have the same sense of humor, and he keeps me laughing all the time on set."

The cast members laugh together off-set too. Sara echoed what we've heard previously from "VD" stars Katerina Graham and Steven McQueen -- that the cast really does like to spend their free time together. "We love to hang out as a cast, but we typically keep things low-key. Unless we’re all flying to Vegas to celebrate Nina’s 21st birthday. But if we’re all here [in Atlanta] on a weekend, we’ll go out to dinner and play pool. Last summer we spent a lot of time at a lake, tubing and jet skiing. We’re all adventurous, but very laid-back."

The cast gets along so well, in fact, that some of them live together. Sara said she and Nina Dobrev are roomies, and they get along great. "Nina is such a great roommate. We have our own bathrooms, so it’s never an issue if one of us wants to take a long shower. And we both make grocery trips whenever we have time, and just share everything. We’re both really easy-going. We try to help each other stay healthy, but I usually cave and bring chocolate into the apartment."

If you had to pick one of the many men of "VD" to date, could you choose?