Fairy Tale 'Catfish' Couple Derek And Lauren Have Split: Max And Nev React [Video]

"Catfish" has left dozens of love-hopefuls with broken hearts, but through the romantic rubble, one couple -- Lauren and Derek -- kept audiences optimistic that Internet dating can still yield the real deal. Lauren and Derek's feelings for each other were so genuine, in fact, that they wound up getting engaged on Season 2's reunion special. Yet while happily ever after seemed well within reach, they recently decided to split up.

The news might come as a shock to fans of the show, but in the interview clip below, Nev and Max maintain that no one is immune to the challenges of love, and that they understand how things can sometimes just fall apart. "I think it's important to remember that just because relationships come and go, and you might be in love with someone and you think [is] the one, take your time," Nev says. "There's no reason to rush."

Nev also shares that the breakup was "amicable," and that he hopes the former couple can remain friends. Watch the interview clip, take another look at Derek's proposal and post your reaction to the split.

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