Fifth Harmony Hit Us With A ‘Sledgehammer’: Watch Their Video

And show off the 'Sledgehammer' fist-pump.

We've just been hit with a "Sledgehammer" and it actually felt good!

The girls of Fifth Harmony dropped their brand-new video for their second single off the upcoming Reflection album, and it's sexy, sleek and oh so chic.

The concept of the video is fairly simple: The girls, dressed in all-white, pose together as they sing the mid-tempo track while giving us their best sledgehammer fist-pump.

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5H show off some serious hair-flips before changing into colorful evening gowns and breaking out a few impressive moves -- all this as they seem to float on swings and hang from scaffolding. Those shots are intercut with solos of the girls -- Camila sings in front of a fake horse -- and a guy showing off his best sledgehammer moves.

Watch the video below and be prepared because after you watch you will not be able to get this song out of your head. And that's a good thing.

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