Here’s How Meek Mill Reacted To Drake’s ‘Is That A World Tour Or Your Girl’s Tour’ Line

Plus, he talks Jay Z and his new mixtape

Meek Mill hasn't really talked about everything that went down with him and Drake in the year since their feud first began, but he did address certain aspects of it in a new interview.

Sitting down with MyMixtapez, Meek discussed the digital perception that he lost the battle — a view he doesn't share.

"You think telling me I'm going on my girlfriend's tour is gonna stop me?" he said, referencing Drake's "Back to Back" line, "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour? Was that a joke? 'Cause where I come from, we come up — you get money, a lot of guys, you end up, gotta take care of girls, they ain't got nothing. They ain't got no hustle for theyself...I thought that was live for me to have a girl that get more money than me. That do a bigger tour than me."

He went on, "It was a point they tried to bury us. I been plotting in the studio, grinding...ready to suffocate all the n---as that went against me, because you gotta teach 'em a lesson for even putting a doubt into a n---a that been doing this this long, that come from where I come from."

In other parts of the interview, he also talked about advice he got from Jay Z and his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape. "This mixtape right here," he said, "is my reintroduction for the people that doubted me."

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