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Rick Ross Talks About Money Like It's An Edible Delicacy On 'Big Tyme'

Swizz Beatz brings the ad-libs to the party

Rick Ross talks about having money like he's describing his favorite Sunday entree. He salivates at the smell of crisp Benjamin-faced bills, gets excited at the thought of coin soup involving dimes, quarters, and nickels, and he appreciates the cut of a check like it's a steak. It's earned him a reputation as one of hip-hop's most financially fascinated lyricists and luxury connoisseurs. On his new single, "Big Tyme," he continues this romance, bringing along Swizz Beatz to bask in the experience.

Legendary producer Just Blaze handles the strings behind Ross's latest. It's a luxurious ballroom of sounds, a celebration of the high life through drums and piano runs. Ross strolls in with a mink coat, and the clunk of his designer hard bottoms can practically be heard through the speaker. He throws up tuft after tuft of lyrical fog, with the scent of printed paper filling the nostrils after each line. At first he "washed dishes," now he "gets the toast."

Elsewhere in the monetary ode, he refers to the dollar as "cheddar." Food and funds are synonymous here because they both provide him nourishment. Swizz Beatz adds the track's oomph by gift-wrapping his ad-libs and providing Ross support for select words. It feels like 2009 all over again.

"Big Tyme" will appear on Ross' forthcoming album, Port of Miami 2. He's also shared "Act A Fool" ahead of its release next month. Last month, he appeared on Drake's celebratory NBA Finals hit, "Money in the Grave."

Listen to Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz fetishize finances in "Big Tyme" up above.