'Finding Carter' Poll: Can Elizabeth Ever Forgive David For Having An Affair With (OMG!) Lori?

Let's sum it up: He slept with the woman who KIDNAPPED their daughter.

Remember when, at the end of "Finding Carter"'s first season, Lori said she and Elizabeth had a lot in common -- including David? Welllll, girlfriend wasn't kidding.

As it turns out, the kidnapper didn't even have to prove it herself: On tonight's episode, Carter marched into her father's room to question him about her biological mom and, for backup, the teen wielded that highly suspicious photo of David that Lori supposedly took when she supposedly snuck into the house.


"Tell me the truth," Carter pleaded. "Was there something between you and Lori?"

After a moment of silence, David replied grimly, "Yes."


As the author told it, he and Elizabeth were "going through a tough time" that resulted in him having a one-night stand…with Lori. And, of course, he'd never revealed his indiscretions to the Mrs.

"You have to tell her," Carter implored.

But David wouldn't budge, even convincing Carter to keep quiet in an effort to save his already shaky marriage. In the meantime, there were plenty of other relationship issues: Taylor and Max broke up yet again (NO CROUTONS FOR YOU!). And a free-as-a-bird Crash -- who must have served the shortest jail sentence since Nicole Richie did 82 minutes -- started stalking Max in an effort to beg for his forgiveness.

But back to Carter. After a heart-to-heart with Elizabeth, during which the cop explained her years-long quest to find the truth about her daughter's abduction, the high school student decided her mother deserved honesty about everything. Confronting David yet again, she demanded he divulge his secret. And before long, he was telling his offspring the sordid tale of how it all happened.

In a "he said/she said" made in TV Heaven, David began his confession just as Lori was giving hers to the FBI. One thing the two agreed upon: They'd met in a park, which led to a bar, which led to, well, you know. But that's where the similarities in their stories ended.

"I told her I made a mistake and could never see her again," David said.

Meanwhile, Lori was claiming their affair was much more serious.


"You thought he was going to leave his wife?" an FBI agent asked.

"I know he was," she replied. "He promised."

It got even stickier: As Lori's confession was ending, David and Carter arrived at the police station, where the deceptive husband was prepared to finally 'fess up to his wife.  But guess what? He didn't need to: Elizabeth had been watching Lori through a two-way mirror, and she heard every. damn. word. 


All together now: D'OH!

So yet another "FC" secret is out, and Elizabeth was its victim. But let's look at the facts: Mrs. Wilson is no angel herself, as evidenced by her affair with Kyle. But David had a dangerous liaison indeed: It brought a crazy kidnapper into their lives.

All things considered, what do you think? Will Elizabeth ever be able to excuse David's actions, or will this finally tear the couple apart? Take our poll, then explain your choice in the comments. And be sure to catch the next "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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