Torture on the High Seas: Carnival Sets Sail With 'Saw' Cruise

Yes, you read that headline right and its not a joke: Carnival is teaming up with Twisted Pictures for 5-days of non-stop terror, buffets and miniature golf during their "Saw"-themed cruise.

Collider discovered this dream (nightmare?) vacation where you and the entire family can meet-and-greet stars from the seven-film horror franchise as you sail the beautiful Atlantic ocean en-route to Canada, where they actually filmed the "Saw" movies! Also, John Kramer/Jigsaw is the captain and Billy the puppet is his first mate (not really).

According to the "Saw At Sea" brochure you can secure "Level A" rooms ranging from $779 to $1,695-dollars-per-person, and with the privilege of staying there come perks like hanging with "Costas Mandylor ('Hoffman'), Ned Bellamy ('Jeff' the Drill Chair Man in the original 'SAW' movie), the very sexy Anne Greene (who played 'Dina' in the opening scene in 'SAW 3D') and the beautiful actress Rebecca Marshall ('Suzanne' who gets killed in the 'Eye Trap' in 'SAW 3D')."

While it doesn't sound like it’s a "haunted" cruise trip or anything overly theme-y, there will be a tattoo contest because apparently they know their audience well. Eager fans can register here.

As awesome as this experience sounds, we're waiting for Carnival to have a "Speed 2: Cruise Control"-themed vacation package where you bunk with Willem Dafoe, director Jan de Bont swabs the decks, and Keanu Reeves stands laughing at you from the shore.

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