'The Proposal' Cheat Sheet: From Old Friends To A Nude Scene

We take you behind the scenes of the unlikely love story, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

Teaming romantic-comedy veteran Sandra Bullock with Ryan Reynolds, [url id=""]"The Proposal"[/url] is the first film in a good while to simply present the funny story of two unlikely souls finding unexpected love.

But before you and your date head out to watch Reynolds' harried assistant Andrew get forced into pretending he's in love with bitchy boss Margaret (Bullock), be sure to take a look at our "Proposal" Cheat Sheet -- featuring five insider tidbits sure to enrich your viewing experience.

Friends With Benefits

If the duo seem particularly well-suited onscreen, it's no mistake: Bullock and Reynolds share a friendship that goes back nearly a decade. "Chemistry is something in a movie like this that's absolutely essential for it to work," Ryan said. "It's not something you can make up or manufacture -- it's either there or it's not. ... We've known each other for eight or nine years, we've been friends. And that doesn't necessarily equate to chemistry, but it was just there. And thank God it was." Bullock added: "Ryan and I have a friendship that goes beyond the screen. We knew each other long before working together. ... In this case, I think that really helped."

Let's Take the Week Off

Reynolds and Bullock were so friendly, in fact, that they showed up at pre-production for "The Proposal" and immediately realized that there was no need to go through the usual "getting to know you" activities. "We actually canceled all our rehearsals," Reynolds revealed. "We just had it -- and it was working."

Bullock's Delight

In a hilarious scene from the movie, Bullock and Reynolds bond over Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's '80s rap classic "It Takes Two." Originally, however, Bullock wanted to use the song that popularized hip-hop. "I wanted 'Rapper's Delight,' because I already knew all the words," grinned Bullock, remembering the infectious 1979 hit by the Sugarhill Gang. "But then we realized it had already been used in another film. I was like, 'But I know all the words!' and then [director Anne Fletcher] brought Rob Base to me and I went, 'OK, that's a good one that hasn't been heard in a while.' So I liked that choice."

Juneau Why It's in There?

Reynolds' character's Alaskan hometown might seem a bit random, but it's not. "Pete Chiarelli wrote the script and did such a great job," explained director Fletcher. "He worked in Sitka, Alaska, so he knew a lot about there, and that all played into how they [picked] Sitka and why they went there."

Naked Ambition

In what seems likely to be the most talked-about moment from the film, a nude Bullock stumbles upon a fresh-from-the-shower Reynolds, resulting in a comedic ballet of nakedness that reveals everything and nothing at the same time. "We had to be so careful," grinned Bullock, remembering the choreography. "If you land on something, it could be awkward -- we were very, very careful. We trusted each other enough to know that my arms were gonna cover something, his arms were gonna cover something." On some takes, naughty bits did pop out, she admitted: "If something fell out, you go, 'OK, cut, we see a little too much. Let's do it again,' and after hour eight, you just didn't care what you were looking at." Bullock insisted, however, that those outtakes will never appear on a DVD. "God, I hope not," she laughed. "We had weird stuff stuck to us that just kept falling off -- and at some points, things were flapping in the wind."

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