Beat-Loving Cats That Could Help Pauly Rule The DJ Booth

Sure, Pauly D has a kick-ass crew of buddies that makes sure everything stays tight during his DJ sets, but something on "The Pauly D Project" has been missing lately. Something we couldn't quite put our finger on til today, when we ran across some very special videos on You Tube.

It was under our noses the whole time: cats that spin.

Ever since Spaghetti Cat went viral, felines have ruled the Internet and dominated every meme website, and recently we heard through our own personal music connections they really know how to scratch the 1s and 2s. Don't believe us? Well, we've got the evidence to prove it. Check out these clips of kitties hitting the DJ decks!

Scratch-Master Kittens

These meowers were barely out of the womb before they started coming up with original mixes--imagine how good they'll be in a few months? And surely PD's pals will benefit in the creepin' department by having an adorable pet chillin' next to them at the club.

Dubstep Cat

This kitty is an ideal candidate for screening Pauly's beats. Just press play and the little guy will let him know if he's got tongue-wagging gold or nap-inducing tunage. The more digi WOMPS the better.

Dance-Until-You're-Sick Tomcats

If Pauly wants to know whether his jams are truly ill, then he needs to recruit this breed. These tomcats aren't afraid to fist-pump til the fur balls start flowin', so they can help him determine whether or not he can get people to follow suit.

The Guest Star

Every mixmaster needs a stand-in for those nights when he's just too pooped to entertain the party. Good thing this DJ cat already has a devoted online following. He'll be able to draw in a crowd on any off night.

+ It's high time Pauly considers incorporating a few paws into his DJ routine. Let us know which pet you'd like to see spin with him!

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