'Are You The One?' Reunion Surprise: The Sweetest Proposal In The History Of Ever [Video]

Cat fights, love triangles (and squares...), tears and breakups aside, last night's "Are You the One?" reunion special, "The Aftermatch," went down with a bang — and some bling! When a fan asked Ethan what he likes most about Amber, his answer suddenly morphed into a proposal (watch below) filled with sweet everythings about his perfect match. "I see Amber walk into a room and everything just lights up," Ethan said before dropping to one knee and presenting his love with a shiny sparkler. "Her smile melts my heart every time I see it. Every second I spend away from her just breaks my heart."

Aaaand cue the happy-slash-self-pity between shoving Girl Scouts Thin Mints into our face-holes, four at a time.

But seriously, we're happy for Amber and Ethan, we really are! The two adventurous spirits knew they were a perfect match ever since their post-Spin The Bottle connection during Episode 3, despite a few bumps in the road — namely a little Amber-Adam action and a Kayla-Ethan kiss that resulted in a verbal beatdown on Kayla's part. Hey, it's all par for the course when you're trying to score a million dollars, and besides, Amber and Ethan inevitably found themselves right back in each other's arms, obvi. AND NOW IT'S TIME TO PLAN A WEDDING, YOU GUYS!

Awwwww!!! Just making dreams come true here at MTV, NBD.

+ Which, if any, of the other "Are You the One?" couples will get engaged next? Comment with your thoughts!

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