'Dark Phoenix' Unleashes Jean Grey's Inner Rage In 'X-Men' Sequel Trailer

It's Jean Grey vs. the X-Men

After months of delays, the first trailer for Dark Phoenix is finally here, and this is not the space saga we were expecting. That's not to say that director-writer Simon Kinberg's take on the famous X-Men story line isn't going to space — it's already been confirmed that a rescue mission in space triggers Jean Grey's transformation into the Phoenix — but it seems like an odd choice to omit that from the first look at the anticipated superhero flick. After all, the Shi'ar are badass.

Starring Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner as the troubled mutant, Dark Phoenix takes place 10 years after the events of Apocalypse, and Jean's telekinetic and telepathic powers are stronger than ever.

Similar to X-Men: The Last Stand, it looks like Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) has put some sort of mental block on Jean to suppress the horrible memory of her causing her parents' deaths. "I had to keep her stable," Charles admits. But when Jean ultimately uncovers the truth, she runs to Magneto (Michael Fassbender). "You're always sorry, Charles," Magneto says, "and there's always a speech, and nobody cares."

Now it's Jean Grey versus the X-Men, and some mutants may be swapping sides. Beast (Nicholas Hoult) can be seen standing alongside Magneto in the trailer. And at least one X-Man isn't making it to the final showdown, as several members can be seen attending a funeral. Jessica Chastain also appears as the film's enigmatic villain, Smith, who looks to stokes the flames of Jean's inner rage.

"She's all rage, pain, and it's all coming out at once."

Dark Phoenix hits theaters on February 14, 2019.