Moby Beaten, Sprayed With Mace Outside Boston Club

Electronic artist asks assailants to explain themselves on his Web site.

Moby is bruised and "very curious" after getting jumped Wednesday night outside a Boston club.

After performing at the Paradise Club, the electronic music guru was signing autographs for fans when two or three men attacked him with mace and repeatedly punched him.

"I assumed that a bar fight had spilled out of the bar and that somehow I had gotten caught in the middle of it," Moby wrote on his Web site. "But no. After being punched in the head from behind a few times, I turned around to see what was going on and one of them punched me in the face a couple of times and then they all ran away. So now I'm sitting here bloody and beaten up and waiting to file a police report."

A spokesperson for the Boston Police Department said officers were called to the scene, where they interviewed the owner of the club and doorman, who was also sprayed with mace when he tried to stop the fight. Police later interviewed Moby at his hotel, where he said his glasses broke during the fight, rendering him unable to describe the attackers.

Moby, who has bruises and stitches on his face, wrote on his Web site that he's not badly hurt and that his biggest concern is finding out why he was jumped. He pleaded for one of the attackers to anonymously log on to his message board and explain the incident.

"I'm very curious as to why three men would coordinate an attack on me," Moby wrote. "You know, three against one? And the 'one' in question is me, hardly the most physically threatening person in the world."

In a later posting, Moby said he's not angry with the men and believes in forgiveness. "I just hope that at some point in these guys' lives they come to realize that hurting other people is wrong."

He also speculated on why he was attacked. "Maybe they don't like skinny bald guys who play cover songs. I'm sure that's it. It's my fault. I should've posted a warning on the entrance to the club: 'Warning: Tonight's show will at times be comprised of cover songs poorly played by Moby, a skinny bald musician.' "

Police are searching for two white men, approximately 22 years old. Their tip line is (800) 494-TIPS.

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