The New 'Paddington' Bear Trailer Is So Damn Cute: Watch Now

He's just a talking bear from Peru, looking for a home.

Despite the undeniable cuteness of the last two "Paddington" movie trailers, they left us all wondering what on Earth this movie is actually about.

Well, according to the third international trailer, the titular bear is just a young fellow from the jungles of Peru who came to London in search of a home.

We learn how this curious talking bear, based on the popular children's lit character, came to live with the city-dwelling Brown family and even how he earned his beloved moniker.

Through a series of wild teasers, we also learn a bit about our villains. Nicole Kidman’s Millicent reveals plan to capture, stuff and display the marvelous animal, but not without the aid of the Brown's neighbor.

Paddington, voiced by Ben Winshaw, was originally cast as Colin Firth, who backed out of the picture after deciding his smooth, matured vocals just weren't a good fit for the precarious young bear.

"Paddington" and his big adventure await on January 16, 2015.