We Went To Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour And Quizzed Dads On Their Tay Knowledge

Do you think dads can name three Taylor songs?

Louisville, Kentucky - There are a few jobs dads have: Teach your daughter how to stand up for herself, make sure she knows that she can do anything she puts her mind to (and get paid appropriately for it), and most importantly... take her to see Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour.

The last one might seem more trivial than the others, but ask any Swiftie and she'll tell you it's the most important one -- at least that's what we discovered at the fourth date on Taylor's tour.

Yes, Swiftie Dads are legion -- as was immediately evident outside the KFC YUM! Center, where they were extremely easy to spot: the guys with huge smiles on their faces wandering around in a sea of little girls covered in Christmas lights basking in the "best dad ever" glow of a special daddy-daughter outing.

We spoke with 13 of those dads about their induction into Taylor Nation -- and, of course, quizzed them on their top three Taylor tunes:

Meet the dads:

David Duggins brought daughter Mia, 12, to her first concert and admitted he was excited about opening act Vance Joy and "all that beer."


David's playlist: "Shake It Off," "Bad Blood"... "Shake It Off" (again).

Scott from Owensboro, Kentucky, was attending his first Tay show with his three daughters -- Alyssa, 12, Amber, 12, and Peyton, 11. He's more of a "hard rock" guy but couldn't wait to see the "excited looks on their faces" during the concert.


Scott's playlist: "New York, New York," "Shake It Up" (so close!) and "Style."

Bobby Roberts was standing on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood when his daughter Maria, 12, texted him about the show, so he had to buy tickets right away. They were joined by younger sister Megan, 11.


Bobby's playlist: "Bad Blood," "I Hate That Stupid Old Pickup Truck... no, wait, Picture To Burn" and "Love Story."

Mark Godsey drove down from Cincinnati with daughter Dana, 15, for his second Swiftsperience and he bragged about loving "all her songs."


Mark's playlist: "Shake It Off," "Love Story" and "Our Song." Bonus points for a deep track from Tay's debut, Mark!

Todd Mercer was notching his third Swift show with his two daughters, Eloise, 13, and Charlotte, 8. He loves how "wholesome" and positive Taylor is and how her dad works at Merrill Lynch, just like him!


Todd's playlist: "Red," "1985" (man, sooo close... to the name of her album, kinda, but still, not a song) and "Bad Blood."

Bobby Harding was gearing up for his first Swift show with daughters Alexis, 9, and Kayleigh, 11.


Bobby's playlist: "First one... wait, no that's a Carrie Underwood song... um... no, nope. I got nothin'."

Louisville's Chris Casenhiser was all smiles as he made his way to his seats with daughter Shelby, 11. And he was one of the few who got a perfect score. "Dad likes her music as much as Shelby."


Chris' playlist: "Blank Space," "Bad Blood," "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and bonus track, "Shake It Off."

Frank Spanopoulos was in from Floyd's Knob, Indiana, for his second show and Madison, 10, desperately wanted to help him with the quiz when he froze up.


Frank's playlist: "Welcome To New York... I know songs! I listen to them all the time in the car! Wait... nope."

Lance Leach was in from Shelbyville, Indiana, with daughter Destiny, 12, for their third show. He was just excited to see Destiny have fun (we sat next to them and she totally did, confirmed).


Lance's playlist: "Love Story," "Shake It All Off" and "She'd Said No." (Very close on those last two, Lance. Very close.)

Stacy Grant was with daughter Tessa, 10, who won the award for greatest distance traveled since she flew in from Guadalajara, Mexico, that afternoon. It was their first show and Stacy had clearly done his homework.


Stacy's playlist: "Wonderland," "Bad Blood" and "Style." Zero hesitation.

Brian Eichenberger was kind of a ringer, since he works in radio promotion at a local station. It was 7-year-old daughter Sadie's first major show, but he said she's such a music nerd she could spot Bleachers singer Jack Antonoff's influence on "Out of the Woods." Noice, Sadie!


Brian's playlist: "Welcome to New York," "Blank Spaces," "Out of the Woods." We'll give you a pass on the plural "spaces" since Sadie really did know her stuff.

Todd Schumacher was joining the four-timer club along with his twin daughters, Ava and Brooke, 14. "The best part for me?" he said. "No line at the men's room or for beer."


Todd's playlist: "Shake It Off," "Our Song" and "Love Story." You better get a perfect score after three times!

Ben Davis is also the father of twins and he said he likes how Taylor interacts with the crowd and watching the smiles on the faces of his twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, 11. Oh, and it was their fifth show!


Ben's playlist: "Shake It Off," "Bad Blood" and "Style." No problem.

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