Watch Jacquie Lee Drink Man Tears In Her New Video

'They taste sweet,' Jacquie tells MTV News.

Jacquie Lee isn't going to be some boy-crazy girl. That's why in her latest video, for "Tears Fall," she goes from miserable to triumphant within seconds. (The giant swan, heart-shaped cake and cup of man tears probably helped.)

The video starts with MTV Artist to Watch Jacquie riding a blow-up swan, mourning the loss of a boyfriend (who was kind of a jerk anyway). But she quickly turns it around, playing croquet around his severed head, and digging her fingers into his heart (made of cake).

"I knew there had to be some sort of twist to it," Jacquie said when I caught her on the phone. "I didn't want it to be the normal boy-obsessed girl. I wanted it to be the other way around."

The tables turn in the vid when the jerk drains his tears into the pool that Jacquie's swimming in. At the end, she sips on a cup of them. How's that for a twist?

Jacquie Lee Tears Fall

The tears taste sweet, if you were wondering. Jacquie likens them to a sweet-then-sour candy -- like Sourpatch Kids. And that cake? That tasted pretty good too. And since her and her onscreen pals were already sinking their hands into the confection, they decided to have a little food fight mid-shoot. "The hair and makeup people were not happy," she said.

"It was so much fun," Jacquie, who was a runner-up on season five of "The Voice," said of the shoot. "Everyone who worked on the set was so nice and cool to be around. We were going overboard with it."

Since they were going overboard, they had to take some risks too. For example, if Jacquie slipped off that blow-up swan, they would have to redo everything -- "I came close a couple of times," she laughed. Her last shot involved submerging herself completely into the pool, and after drying off, she hopped into a taxi and went straight to the airport to go home.

Jacquie is currently on tour with fellow MTV Artist to Watch Shawn Mendes, with dates in Scottsdale, Arizona; Santa Ana, California; and San Francisco. She's taking the month of May to relax and "work on the craft," a.k.a. writing her debut album, which follows her Broken Ones EP.

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