Amber Portwood On Gary Shirley's Condom Line: 'Oh. My. God.'

Plus, find out if the 'Teen Mom OG' cast member would use one.

For years, the "Teen Mom"s have been outspoken about the importance of using contraceptives if you're sexually active and don't want to risk becoming pregnant. Now, Amber Portwood's ex Gary Shirley is also joining in on the important conversation -- but in a different way: He has a personalized condom line.

Gary Shirley's Twitter


The "Gary Time"-themed wrappers, complete with Leah's dad's grinning face on the packaging (no pun intended), insists that the rubbers are "99% 'Gary'nteed." But how did A find out about her former beau's new business venture? During a school pickup -- with her fiancé Matt in tow.

"He leaned in the car to us and goes, 'Here you go -- you guys can use these tonight,'" the 24-year-old revealed to MTV News in the clip below. "And I'm like, 'What the f**k is he talking about?' And I look at it, and it's his face on it. And I'm like, 'Oh my god!'"

The rest of the Indiana native's response to G's birth control was pretty blunt.

"My reaction to his condom line was, 'Where the hell are you going to sell this s**t?' Like, if I go to a gas station and go in the freaking restroom, am I going to put a quarter in and get one of these? No."

+ What else does Amber make of Gary's new professional endeavor -- and would she ever use one of his condoms? Watch her highly entertaining answers in the video below, and be sure to catch the premiere of "TMOG" on Monday at 10/9c. And don't miss the "TM" marathon -- featuring every episode and kicking off at 7/6c on Saturday night!

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