'Catfish' Reunion Surprise! Watch Lauren Finally Get The Fiance (And Ring) Of Her Dreams


Ever since Derek answered the door to his house and proved to his online girlfriend of eight years, Lauren, that he was, in fact, the man he said he was, fans have been rooting for the unlikely couple to go the distance. On the "Catfish" mid-season reunion, they assured everyone they were still going strong, but during last night's season finale reunion, they upped the ante. Derek got down on one knee and gave Lauren what she'd been hoping for all along: a partner for life (and a nice piece of jewelry to go along with him!).

Lauren and Derek's segment started out on an emotional note, as Lauren revealed that over the summer, she miscarried their baby. The grey skies quickly cleared, though, when -- out of nowhere -- Derek got down on one knee. "Everything's been changing so quickly, but the only thing that's always remained the same is that I love you," he said while reaching into his pocket and setting off a sea of gasps across the audience. "Will you marry me?" he asked after presenting his girlfriend with a ring. Lauren eagerly accept through tears, and Nev, Max and reunion host SuChin Pak showered the newly engaged couple in glitter.

Check out how the proposal shook down, and find out whether Derek got the permission of Lauren's father first.

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