Ava Max Is A Royal Guitar Hero In 'Kings & Queens' Video

She'll show you 'how a real queen behaves'

Earlier this month, Ava Max teased her "Kings & Queens" visual by telling MTV News that it would be "very colorful, super fun, crazy dancing, and a big celebration. Imagine a rainbow being in a music video." Now, we finally get to see that grandiose vision in full — the vibrant clip arrived on Friday (March 27) to show us exactly "how a real queen behaves."

The vid opens on Ava playfully wielding a sword between her legs as she assumes her golden throne. As she sings about raising a toast to women everywhere, we see her throwing a rowdy, champagne-fueled feast inside her glamorous palace, before leading her loyal subjects in a killer dance sequence. They even bust out some electric axes for that pre-bridge hair metal guitar solo (as only real queens can do).

"Kings & Queens" is Ava's first solo release of 2020 and the official lead single for her upcoming debut album. She recently told us that the anthem sets the tone for the rest of the project, explaining, "It's such a celebration track that starts the album with a bang. It really resembles the time and feels like a good introduction."

She continued, "I want people to hear the album when they're going to the gym and feel motivated, or when they're maybe wanting to get hired for a certain job and they want to be feel empowered. I think that's really what the feel of the album is."

Check out the "Kings & Queens" video above — there's even a dancing parrot in it!

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