'Unfriended': Skype Becomes Terrifying In This Exclusive New Trailer

This proves once and for all that teenagers should not be using the Internet.

We've already had everything from land-lines ("Scream") to VHS tapes ("The Ring") to gaming consoles ("Stay Alive") awesomely ruined for us by horror films, and now "Unfriended" has officially arrived to make yet another technology we love seem terrifying -- Skype.

In the film, an all too real video of a high school girl, Laura, getting drunk and presumably assaulted is released on the Internet. It goes viral and her reputation is ruined, so Laura kills herself to escape the pain -- but the pain for her classmates is only beginning.

One year later, Blaire ("Teen Wolf" star Shelley Hennig) and five more of Laura's classmates log on for a group Skype session, but they're not alone. An anonymous user logs in demanding information about Laura's video, and one by one things start to go pretty horribly wrong for Team Skype.

Also, the entire film takes place on one character's computer screen, so that's cool. Check out the trailer below, and check out "Unfriended" when it hits theaters on April 17:

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