'My Heart Breaks For The Kids': How Gary Reacted To Amber’s 'Teen Mom OG' Arrest

He and his wife Kristina revealed their concerns about the future

As the Teen Mom OG finale filmed in early July, Amber was arrested after Andrew texted 911 saying his life was in danger, along with the life of his son James. After the arrest, MTV cameras caught up with Leah’s dad and stepmom, Gary and Kristina, amid all the headlines.

First things first: Gary said that Leah was with a friend and not present when the situation occurred. He then admitted he didn’t know the full story.

“He’s saying one thing; she’s saying one thing. A hit is a hit whether you do it with a flip-flop or a hammer. No one should ever put their hands on anyone. This has an impact on all of trickles down to us too.”

Kristina agreed and worried about how they’d now co-parent with Amber “with the legal issues involved." The couple also discussed the impact the arrest will have on Leah and one-year-old James.

“My heart breaks for the kids,” Gary added. “I went through this with her; Leah went through this with her. And now it sounds to me like James is going to have to go through this.”


Kristina also said that Leah feared for her little brother.

“Leah is almost 11 -- she knows a lot of what’s going on. The thing she said to me was, ‘If Mommy goes back to prison, what will happen to James? Will James be taken away from me as well?’ And I don’t have those answers… she deserves to be a kid, and these are adult situations.”

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