Miley Cyrus And Pamela Anderson Team Up To Save The Whales, Musically

Farewell to the Milky Milky Milk Tour.

Can Miley Cyrus even shock us anymore? When an artist's entire #brand revolves around upsetting the status quo -- or in Miley's case, trying hard to shift it into something else -- what will it take for her to keep the WTF moments coming?

Pamela Anderson holding up a "Save The Whales!" sign as dancing pizzas flail around the both of them might do it.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz Perform At The Wiltern

That's what went down over the weekend at Miley's show in Los Angeles, where the actress joined her onstage to close out the show (and the entire tour, actually) with a throwback performance of "We Can't Stop." The Dead Petz tour -- sorry, the Milky Milky Milk Tour -- has been known for Miley's, uh, conversation-starting wardrobe choices, a trend she kicked off at the VMAs in August. And of course, she continued the trend at this show, too.

But it hasn't been known for cameos, at least aside from tourmates/guest musicians The Flaming Lips. So, Pam Anderson? Random, kinda. But actually, we should've expected it. Like Miley, Pam is passionate about animal rights, which explains her signage choice onstage.

Miley has just wrapped her tour and will now probably hang out a lot with her adopted pit bull named, of course, Milky. It's been real, MC. Until next time.

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