'Drake & Josh'’s Hilarious Cumin Waffle Scene Actually Happened To Someone

Hopefully, this person didn’t start gasping for breath like Walter did

For those who don’t believe life imitates art, we “found a way” to prove you wrong. Remember that Drake & Josh episode where Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) mistakingly thought their dad Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) was having an affair?

The brothers made a nice breakfast for him, telling him their mom was responsible. Unfortunately, Drake misheard Josh’s instructions and used cumin instead of cinnamon (you had one job, Drake). Since their dad was allergic to cumin, this, uh, had disastrous results.

But seriously, who would actually mistake cumin for cinnamon?! Twitter user @emilyhynson, apparently. On Thursday, she shared a pic of her “Drake & Josh moment,” which caught Josh Peck's attention.

As far as Drake & Josh antics go, @emilyhynson might’ve had it a lot worse. She could’ve been in a helicopter with an unconscious pilot, gotten locked in a tree house, or even been attacked by an old man who thought he was still battling Nazis in World War II. So, unless she was allergic to cumin like Walter was, she got off pretty easy.

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