Gucci Mane's 'Spring Breakers' Role Makes Waka Flocka Laugh

'He did that on the low. I can't wait to see it,' Waka tells MTV News of his buddy's role in the upcoming James Franco flick.

Gucci Mane is more trap God than trained thespian, but that didn't stop the Atlanta rap star from landing a role alongside James Franco and Selena Gomez in the upcoming [article id="1700334"]"Spring Breakers."[/article]

If Gucci's role as Archie took you by surprise, don't worry, even his closest partners were kept in the dark about his big-screen acting debut.

"Honestly, he did that on the low. He knew I was gonna laugh at him," Waka Flocka Flame told MTV News on Thursday the same day we premiered the flick's wild trailer. "He did that on the low. I can't wait to see it."

The movie which also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine centers around four college girls who go to some pretty heinous lengths to fund their spring break vacation. After they get busted, Alien, a drug dealer played by Franco, bails them out only to have them put in work for him.

In October, Gucc sat down with Power 105's Breakfast Club in New York City and tried his best to break down the premise of the movie. "It's a white movie," he said. "I'm the only black guy in the whole movie. It's a white movie. It's like a white Pulp Fiction... I'm the bad guy. That's what they wanted me to play. I could have been the good guy if they wanted me to."

The "Wasted" rapper isn't the only one who's made a departure from normalcy for the film, his co-star Selena Gomez found herself in a much darker role than she is used to playing. "Disney was my life, and in a way, it's all I knew, so once that ended, I definitely think it was good for me to go to an extreme like this," she explained. "That's what was so liberating about it. I felt so safe with [director] Harmony [Korine], and I felt so safe with the girls. I was really able to push myself to places even I didn't know I could go. It was great."

Check out everything we've got on "Spring Breakers," opening March 22 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on March 29.