A Milwaukee Radio Station Has Banned Nirvana Because Football

No Pearl Jam and no Soundgarden either until after Sunday's championship game.

Remember back in October when a San Francisco radio station banned Lorde's "Royals" because the Giants were facing the K.C. Royals in the World Series? (And then a K.C. station played Lorde every hour for a day in retaliation?)

Well, Milwaukee rock station 94.5 Lake FM will see your Lorde ban and raise you EVERY Seattle rock group ever. The Green Bay Packers-loving station kicked off a "Say No To Seattle" campaign this week in advance of Sunday's NFL NFC championship game between the Pack and the Seattle Seahawks. That means, no Nirvana, no Soundgarden, no Pearl Jam.

"Let's face it. The last couple Green Bay Packers games in Seattle haven't been the best for cheesehead fans," reads an explanation on the station's site. "Green Bay lost in Seattle in Week 1 of this season, and in the 2012 'Fail Mary' game where the incorrect result cost the green and gold a first-round bye. So, to help change the karma and give the Packers all the support they need for Sunday's big title game, 94.5 The Lake has chosen to 'Say No to Seattle.'"

94.5 The Lake


"We play everything, because it's all about the variety, except music from Seattle. Not this week. We're saying no to Seattle as the Packers get ready to go out to the Pacific Northwest and WIN!" said Lake DJ J Pat Miller. As of Wednesday morning that meant no grunge, no Heart, no Jimi Hendrix and no Modest Mouse. Either way, though, all those artists will be back on the Lake starting Monday morning.

Go Pack!