Watch Miley Cyrus Explain How To Spend $2,000 At Walmart

We've been eagerly awaiting Jeremy Scott's New York Fashion Week show ever since he told us that he was collaborating with Miley Cyrus for the big event. Our excitement reached a new high when we heard that Miley would be debuting her "Dirty Hippie" sculptures and accessories at the show, and then today it actually all happened and we were there to witness it first-hand.

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We were able to chat with Jeremy and Miley before the show and find out the inspiration behind the collection, when the duo decided to collaborate and–most importantly, IMHO–how Miley managed to spend $2000 at Walmart. "It's actually very easy," she told us. I don't know the going rate for beads these days, but, um, I imagine $2K-worth is enough to fill a large swimming pool?

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