Which 'Orange Is The New Black' Star Does The Cast Want To Send To SHU?

Hint: It's Natasha Lyonne.

One of the most constant (and most heartbreaking, since it's true to life) threats on "Orange is the New Black" is, and always has been, the possibility of being sent to the secure (solitary) housing unit, popularly known as "SHU." Piper has been there twice, Pennsatucky lost even more of her marbles during her recent stint, and it's practically poor Watson's second home.

So when MTV News caught up with the so-close-they're-family cast in New York last week, we just had to ask -- which of the show's many stars has been so bad on set that they could actually use a stay in this horrible, horrible place? The answers varied, but one name was definitely heard loud and clear above all others: Natasha Lyonne, who plays "junkie philosopher" Nicky Nichols. Thankfully, Lyonne didn't seem to mind -- in fact, she wholeheartedly agreed.

"I know based on the shame I experience the morning after I work on set that there is probably something I'm doing that is not okay," she said with a laugh. "Because I know I'm left with a dirty feeling that I did something inappropriate the day before."

Sounds like a good time to us. Find out who else got thrown under the bus for bad behavior in the below!