Harrison Ford's Comic-Con Experience In 6 Snarky Comments

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Harrison Ford is not necessarily known for his kind demeanor and warm manner, especially when it comes to his dealings with pop culture aficionados. The 71-year-old actor doesn't come near a lightsaber or whip these days, avoiding almost any and all fan gratification or throwbacks to the roles he's most famous for, Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

In 2010, Ford was led out onstage in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center for his very first appearance at Comic-Con, the annual gathering of the nerd tribe. The actor was handcuffed, accompanied by two police officers. For his efforts, fans greeted him with a minutes-long standing ovation.

All this is to say that while it was surprising that the notoriously grouchy Ford came back to the convention — in a promotional push for the upcoming "Ender's Game" — it was to the surprise of no one that he got a little, well, sassy.

Ahead, here are our six favorite snarky comments Harrison Ford has made at Comic-Con, accompanied by his best "you have got to be kidding me" facial expressions at Thursday's Hall H panel.

"You and I have a lot in common. I used to dream about being Indiana Jones when I was younger, too. Not so much anymore."

-Reacting dryly to an excited fan at Hall H

"I don't think Han Solo would be good as a soldier in anybody's army. I think he's what we call now an 'independent contractor.'"

-Asked whether Han Solo would do well in the "Ender's Game" army

"I'm not prepared at this time to have an in-depth conversation about … what did you call it again?"

-While (not) discussing "Star Wars" with MTV News' Josh Horowitz

"Hi. How are you?"

-Answering what Han Solo and Indiana Jones would say to each other if they ever met

"I don't remember any buckling and swashes. It's more or less a desk job."

-Interview with Moviefone, on his "swashbuckling" performance in "Ender's Game"

"I am never coming here again."

-Expressing his displeasure at the Hall H "Ender's Game" panel

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