Watch A Brave Little Porcupine Fight Off 17 Hungry Lions

An underdog victory for the noble porcupine.

If you've ever watched raw, uncensored footage of animals in the wild, then you're probably familiar with that awful moment when some adorable fuzz-wuzzy thing gets torn into little bloody pieces by a pack of vicious predators, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, because nature.

Happily, this video shot by a safari guide at the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa shows that sometimes, the little guy triumphs and makes it out alive. In this confrontation between one brave porcupine and a pack of ravening lions, the fellow with the quills rams his butt into the faces of his would-be attackers, until they all get bored/annoyed and go off in search of a less-pointy dinner. Woo hoo! Team Porcupine!