Another 'Teen Wolf' Woe: No One Even Remembers Stiles' Beloved Jeep

Will one of the Beacon Hills students eventually recognize Roscoe?

Whoa... we didn't see that coming. And we probably should have.

Stiles loves his little blue 1980 Jeep CJ5 so much that he lovingly named it Roscoe, for crying out loud. Roscoe has been through hell and back with the Teen Wolf gang for the better part of five seasons, diligently chasing threats throughout Beacon Hills and even clear into Mexico. So it's only natural that the relic left behind following Stiles' disappearance is the one material item he loved the most.

We gotta ask though: Did anyone else wonder throughout tonight's ep if Stiles' relic was perhaps his mom? Melissa McCall even said it herself — it's a miracle Mama Stilinski was alive if she did indeed suffer from frontotemporal dementia. Just interesting, that's all.

But back to the matter at hand: Roscoe. We spotted the jeep in the BHHS parking lot, but Liam and company walked right on by it. Who will remember its owner first?


Our money is on Lydia, as that Jeep is where, shortly before he vanished, Stiles uttered those four words that are forever ingrained in our memory: "Remember I love you." If you think about it, Lydia and Roscoe were the last to see Stiles alive.

Then there's also Stiles' bestie, Scott. Roscoe has been present through many a Sciles moments, from joyriding through Beacon Hills while chasing baddies to looking on in sorrow when Scott essentially kicked Stiles out of the pack over Donovan's death last season. Or what about Malia? The werecoyote has ridden shotgun several times throughout their Stalia romance and friendship. Heck, there's also Stiles' own dad, the Sheriff, and also Parrish, who literally flipped the jeep during a hellhound outbreak.

Someone has to remember -- it's only a matter of time. Post your theories, and find out what happens next Tuesday at 9/8c (trust us, you won't want to miss this ep).