The Return Of 'The Shannara Chronicles': Here's What's Going To Happen In Season 2

Plus, find out who's joining the cast of MTV's fantasy series

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water to The Four Lands...

MTV has started production on the long-awaited second season of The Shannara Chronicles, the network announced today, even revealing some majestic plotlines in the process. So what's going on now that the dreaded Dagda Mor was defeated and the Ellcrys saved in the Season 1 finale? A whole lotta havoc.


Set a year after the aforementioned events -- and that time fan favorite Amberle literally became a tree -- the new installment will once again show chaos in The Four Lands, now ruled over by King Ander (RIP, Evertine -- we're still cursing that damn Changeling). The reason for the disorder: A re-emergence of magic has citizens terrified, and an organization called The Crimson is hunting down those practicing sorcery and using fear (plus some good old-fashioned intimidation) to plant discord among the races.

But what ever happened, you ask, to half-human/half-elf Wil? Still mourning the loss of his beloved Amberle (again, the woman is now a tree), he's turned his back on his magical destiny and become the healer he always wanted to be. But when a brand-new gal named Mareth saves him from a Crimson attack, Mr. Ohmsford is -- once again -- forced to rejoin the fight.

All together now: yassss.


And let's not forget everyone's favorite rover girl Eretria. Last time we saw her, she'd been captured by trolls. But rest assured: She'll soon be reunited with Wil, and the two (along with Mareth) will seek out none other than Allanon. Unfortunately, the druid who may have been Season 1's MVP has some bad news: Just as we suspected (see #2), that hot piece Bandon has turned into a bad guy. And we're talking really bad: Allanon's one-time protege will be on a mission to resurrect a creature of dark evil called The Warlock Lord, and the brand-new trio of Wil, Eretria and Mareth (sorry, Amberle, you're still a tree) will be tasked with stopping him -- and defeating The Crimson -- before it's too late.

Kind of gives you chills, right?

Returning for Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles will be Austin Butler (Wil), Ivana Baquero (Eretria), Manu Bennett (Allanon), Aaron Jakubenko (Ander) and Marcus Vanco (Bandon). In addition, MTV has announced the following new cast members:

Malese Jow

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Jow will play Mareth, the aforementioned young woman who's both volatile and unpredictable -- and possesses magical abilities. Sharp, brash and independent to a fault, Mareth gets what she wants on her own terms (and by any means necessary). Jow is best known for her recurring roles as Linda Park and alter ego Dr. Light on The CW’s The Flash, as Anna in The Vampire Diaries, and as a series regular on Star-Crossed. She also guest starred in the first season of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious.

Vanessa Morgan


Morgan will portray Lyria, a beautiful and mysterious young woman who's romantically linked to Eretria. She's no stranger to MTV, having played party girl Bird on Finding Carter; other credits include her series-leading role on Disney’s hit My Babysitter’s a Vampire and the Golden Globe-nominated Frankie & Alice. Morgan also just wrapped a lead role in the independent drama PIMP.

Desmond Chiam


Chiam will play General Rigam, a former top dog in Eventine's army who's now responsible for all the havoc in The Four Lands. So why'd he go turncoat? After watching his people slaughtered in the War of the Races and fighting the Dagda Mor in the War of the Forbidding, Riga became convinced that the source of all problems in The Four Lands was neither good or evil but magic itself -- and hence became leader of The Crimson. Chiam is an actor and writer with credits including NCIS, Bones and Con Man; he's also appeared in Australia's Neighbours.

Gentry White


White will play Garet, a skilled, sly, and charismatic bounty hunter known throughout The Four Lands as “The Weapons Master.” Wise-cracking and virile with a roguish charm, the only thing Garet likes more than money is a good fight. White is best known for his role as Romeo on season two of Lifetime’s UnReal and can also be seen on AMC's TURN: Washington's Spies. He also had roles in Furious 7 and the Netflix original film XOXO.

Caroline Chikezie


Chikezie will portray Queen Tamlin, the powerful and cunning ruler of Leah, the only human kingdom in The Four Lands. A ruthless weapons manufacturer with a strategic mind and a talent for manipulating people, Tamlin uses her royal clout to solidify a political alliance with the elves. Chikezie was recently seen opposite Salma Hayek in Everly and just wrapped the upcoming feature Mayhem, in which she stars opposite Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead).

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