Logic Drops The Lead Single From His Debut Album: Listen To 'Under Pressure'

The project drops on October 21.

Whether you're broke and recording music in your friend's basement or getting ready to drop your first album on Def Jam, there can be plenty of pressures. And on "Under Pressure," Logic tells some of his tale, from his younger days to where he is today.

The track, which was produced by Logic, is the eponymous lead single from his upcoming debut. It puts the Maryland native's raw lyricism and storytelling ability on display, as he takes fans with him on his journey: From "skippin' school with my homies, chiefin' reefer for two days" to when, "life changed in a year, couldn't happen fast enough."

Back in May, the rapper said that he finished recording the album in almost no time.

“It took two weeks to record the majority of the album,” Logic told MTV News. “Don’t get me wrong — years went into it; there’s concepts and things that were around long before.”

The project is set to drop on October 21, and "Under Pressure" is available now on iTunes

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